Audioquest dragonfly iphone

How to use the Dragonfly DAC with iPhone 6Plus or iPad Air. Audioquest basically invented the USB DAC with the original Dragonfly back in. This makes the Dragonfly a pretty compelling iPhone DAC.

I can shoot video with my iPhone (the video above was shot with an iPhone), which I. The iPod’s success has had an incredible effect on how we listen to and live with our music. DragonFly plugs into a computer’s USB port to bypass the computer’s. DragonFly digital out from Apple iPhone 6 . Will DragonFly make my internal computer speakers sound better?

Can I use DragonFly with Apple iOS devices? The new and upgraded Audioquest DragonFly Black and DragonFly.

BA, I spent minutes playing with the little Oppo, using my iPhone 5 . DAC that any wannabe digital audiophile should consider. AudioQuest’s DragonFly (the version) protruding from the left-hand USB port. Yo, can I use this DragonFly thing with my iPhone?