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Bergamo is a city in Lombardy, Italy, about km (mi) northeast of Milan and km (mi) from the lakes Como and Iseo. Bergamot_orangeBufretLignendeOversett denne sidenCitrus bergamia, the bergamot orange is a fragrant fruit the size of an orange, with a yellow. The word bergamot is etymologically derived from bergamotto in Italian.

It is related to French bergamote, from Italian bergamotto, of Turkish origin: . Bergamo is one of northern Italy’s most beguiling cities. Province of BergamoBufretOversett denne sidenBergamo is a northern Italy treasure. Dating from BC, Bergamo has two centers: the Alta (upper) city and the Bassa (lower) city, connected by a funicular and . The presence of Bergamotto di Reggio Calabria PDO was noted between the 14th and the 16th century, and the first bergamot tree was planted around 1750.

Along the coast of Calabria, PDO bergamot is produced: an essential oil extracted from the citrus fruit. Bergamot fruit grows on sunny slopes in Southern Italy and are rich in substances called flavonoids, which likely are the reason for its beneficial .

For three generations, the Bigelow family has delighted in crafting deliciously different, world class teas and herb teas for your health and enjoyment – and they . Our 1 pure and natural Italian bergamot essential oil is from the Citrus aurantium subsp bergamia tree. Italy, the fruit’s preferred growing terrain, produces . Imagine embarking on a flight to Italy—you would expect to find grand monuments from old civilizations and crowded tourist destinations. Qe learned of a wonderful Bergamot producer in the toe of Southern Italy, in the region of Calabria. About two years ago, Cindy and I traveled to Calabria in the south of Italy to visit an organic Bergamot essential oil distiller.

Although its roots can be traced back to Southeast Asia, bergamot was more widely cultivated in the southern part of Italy.

Italy, and the fruit is named after the Calabrian town Bergamo. Usage: Alleviates symptoms and complications of bacterial infections, Speeds up the healing process for cold sores, . Only in this area of Italy are the ideal conditions created which allow Bergamot trees to thrive. The history of this relationship between land and fruit could be . The town on the hill, Bergamo is a really nice Italian town in Lombardy close to Milan. Citrus Bergamot is endemic to the Calabrian region of southern Italy, where the unique soil and climate combine to produce Bergamot juice with uniquely high .