Chromecast 1

Google’s updating its popular Chromecast line and adding 4K support. Here’s the specs for the Chromecast: Output: HDMI; Processor: Marvell Armada 15Mini 88DE3005 . Det sitter en magnet i HDMI-pluggen, som gjør at Chromecast enkelt kan. Spesifikasjoner for Chromecast (1. generasjon): Utgang: HDMI, kompatibel med CEC (Consumer Electronics Control); Maksimal oppløsning for video ut: 1080p . Speed test comparison between New Chromecast and Old Chromecast, is it worth buying? Den første Chromecast-modellen åpnet en hel ny verden for dem som ikke.

OperativsysteChrome OS; Prosessor: GHz ARM Cortex A7 . It’s hard to believe, but the Chromecast is two years old. TV’s USB port, if it had one you weren’t using for other things. Should you replace your old Chromecast with the new one, and what’s Chromecast Audio all about?

Google announced the second incarnation of its Chromecast last week, and the Internet giant made the video-streaming dongle available to .