Chromecast audio tidal support

Tidal refreshed its media streaming app today with an update that finally lets users send audio and video to a Chromecast dongle. De fleste bruker noks strømmepinne Chromecast til å strømme videoinnhol men det ingenting i veien for å også strømme musikk via . Google’s Chromecast Audio (GCA) is not much bigger than a Checker’s piece but.

The GCA offers no gapless support for Tidal or Spotify. TIDALHiFi I’m excited about Tidal, waiting on Chromecast support though. Thanks for sharing your interest in TIDAL and stay tuned for more info! It’s a great option and now you can also enjoy it on your TV or sound system through Cast! Tidal, where is that Chromecast Audio support?

Audio and Spotify supports it – Spotify has actually supported CC Audio since . Tidal streaming audio and video service now supports Chromecast.

Opened the Tidal app and don’t see how to Chromecast it. The Chromecast audio appears to be pulling in the data still, even when we cast . Tidal will now stream music and videos to your Chromecast devices. Tidal does not offer Chromecast support yet, but they apparently have it planned. Until Tidal officially support Chromecast Audio, does the review linked below . FYI, Chromecast support just emailed me and said that they expect Tidal to support Chromecast Audio within the next two months.

I’m using Chromecast Audio in configurations with Tidal.

I recommend contacting the Tidal support team about this matter. Music streaming service Tidal has added Chromecast support to its. I agree the sound quality of Tidal is superior to GPM and Spotify for sure. UPDATE: You no longer need the BETA version of BubbleUPnP, just download the current version from the. Until Tidal officially support Chromecast Audio, does the review linked below correctly describe how Chromecast Audio behaves with Tidal? Nå blir Chromecast-støtte innebygget i Chrome.

Så da har man altså Tidal på ChromeCast Audio før dette offisielt er støttet. Updated: Tidal finally supports streaming to Chromecast devices. To get the lossless high fidelity sound Tidal hangs its hat on, you’ll still . I am streaming Tidal Hi-Fi to Chromecast Audio, which is then.

But Spotify does support Chromecast so it will behave in the same way, i. Tidal app has updated itself and supports chromecast and Cast. Chromecast Audio, Android TV devices, TVs with .