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You have the opportunity to promote a particular occasion on your Facebook page by adding a countdown clock application, or app, to your account. Facebook Countdown Timer Replaced by Animated Live Countdown. We have stopped supporting the the Countdown App for Facebook, and have replaced it .

Facebook can help you kill time before the big day; you can also chart the days and hours until your event happens. In addition, countdown clocks can help keep . You can add a countdown to your Facebook timeline so you and your friends can keep track of the time until an important moment in your life. For dager siden – Absolutely free Facebook Countdown Timer App: View the following set of instructions to install one of a kind Countdown Timer App for . Installing apps, such as a countdown ticker, on your Facebook page can. With a ticker, a clock displays and counts down to a particular date and time you . Count down to your next event – your next vacation, your favorite band’s concert, the next movie premiere, your child’s graduation, your .

This countdown clock displays the remaining time until facebook timeline countdown! You can install a countdown clock on your Facebook page by installing the countdown clock app offered on the Facebook website. Just time in the starting date and time and your . But that doesn’t have to be the case with Facebook Events. How To Use Countdown Timer On Your Facebook Account.

It might happen with you several times that you might have forgotten to wish birthday, Anniversary, . Create an online countdown timer for any date.

Customize your countdown and share it with your friends or use it as your. Creating a countdown timer is a fun way to keep track of how close an. Free Countdown Clock Maker for Facebook Satisfaction.

I have a group on Facebook for the Hunger Games. And I really want to add a countdown clock for the movie onto it, . Does anyone know of any sites that I can download a cool Vegas countdown clock for my facebook page. This is a built-in Facebook app (search for ‘countdown clock’ when creating your page) that builds .