Dailymotion virus

I want to know if daily motion i a virus website because there is a cool video but I DO NOT want to end up getting a virus. What is this red box analytics thing on Dailymotion? Can you get a computer Virus from watching videos on or.

Will sexually explicit videos from Dailymotion give me a virus. BufretOversett denne sidenDailymotion is a video-sharing website hosted in France. Norton to ensure the site is safe for browsing. I went there to look up a simple video and actually clicking on the video link referred me to a website with a fake virus warning. I was searching for a BFvideo on, and accidentaly clicked on dailymotion.

I’m really scared that it’s a virus, because it seems . Dailymotion serving Fake Anti-Virus to 17m visitors per day.

Oh well, Dailymotion is the french version of , and as all of french . We use cookies to offer an improved online experience and offer you content and services adapted to your. Not sure if Dawkins do know what he is talking about. The old or the new testaments are not a source for Islam.

Popular streaming video site DailyMotion serves up Malvertising. Just from my personal experience the winter .