Hardware test

Apple Hardware Test (AHT) består av en samling diagnostikkprogrammer som tester datamaskinens maskinvare. Unfortunately, testing your PC for failing hardware isn’t quite as hands-on and easy. Steps on how to determine hardware failures in a computer.

The Quick Test scans the hard drive, memory, processor and disc drive of your Windows-based PC or tablet. Run a quick test for common hardware problems. Useful pack of tests, information and tools for your Windows Phone 8. Live tiles, battery info on lockscreen, SD Card information and more.

HP occasionally makes updates to its HP PC Hardware Diagnostics (UEFI) environment. To download the latest version, go to the HP Hardware Diagnostics . Offering free set of tests designed to be used by customers, HP Technicians, and HP service partners to aid in diagnosing a failed piece of hardware in a PC.

One of the definitive ways for an average user to determine if their Mac has a hardware problem is to run Apple Hardware Test or Apple . A hardware test can be performed on most Samsung devices to check basic hardware functionality such as the touch screen sensitivity and .