Itc 310t pris

Inkbird ITC-310T er markedets råeste temperaturkontroll for hjemmebrygging. Enheten kan styre både en kjøleenhet og en varmekilde samtidig, slik at du kan . ITC-310T temperature controller is dual-relay, programmable outlet thermostat, which can auto-execute to control periods times with . Maximum output load: 1100W(120V); Alarm when over-temperature and sensor error. Dual display window, be able to display measured temperature and set . Som eneste leverandør i Norge er vi stolte av å kunne tilby ITC-310T for salg om. So how do you think about ITC-310T for your first sight? Comparing with ITC-3and ITC-306T, which do you prefer? OFF FOR ITC-310T Temperature Controller, time controller.

OFF FOR ITC-3ITC-310T Temperature Controller.

Easter Giveaway: Inkbird ITC-310T, ITC-100 NTC Sensor. How to set ITC-3(more convenient STC-1000) Temperature. Lastet opp av Inkbird Smart HomeHere is the video about how to set the ITC-30you can learn how it works and its function ,accuracy etc. Selger en UT-3kjøpt hos bryggselv for litt over et år siden til halv pris, 3kr.

Selges da jeg har gått over til å bruke ITC 310T. Dual stage means that the Itc-310T can control both a heating and cooling device. Alternatively, it can control a heating or a cooling device.

Tänkte bara tipsa om att Inkbird ITC-3nu finns med europeiska uttag. Pris vet jag inte, men skulle jag gissa så tippar jag runt femhundringen. InkBird ITC-310T product review – I am using this controller on my fermentation chamber and it is working perfectly.