Leica dlux 3

Med en Leica har man nærmest hatt en garanti for ypperlig verktøy. The camera is designed to natively take wide format images, with a sensor . Pre-Photokina 2006: Leica has today announced the ultra-compact D-LUX 3.

This new camera (based on the Panasonic LX-2) has a ten . Les tester og omtaler før du skal kjøpe på nett. Navnet vekker følelser hos fotoentusiaster, men har Leicas minste kamera det. Every picture taken with the LEICA D-LUX has a story to tell. The unique manual setting options give you the freedom . A good choice for an enthusiast looking for a powerful camera that can fit into a jacket pocket; however, the Leica D-Lux has a price only a . D-LUX compact digital camera as the successor to its popular D-LUX 2.

The D-LUX retains the D-LUX 2’s sharp 4x opti. LEICA D-LUX may look somewhat different from those shown in the illustrations in these Operating.