Liquid glass putty

Liquid Glass Thinking Putty: Transparent putty turns from clear to cloudy and back. Depending on how much you play with it, Liquid Glass Thinking Putty can either appear clear, like thick glass.

Really Crystal clear Liquid Glass Thinking Putty develops a cloudy appearance that quickly fades back to crystal clarity once you put it down. Skikkelig rar leire som ser ut som glass! Den er ikke som andre leirer i det hele tatt, du vet slike som er skitne eller som brukes i ansiktet for å liksom bli fin.

And what could be a better way to waste away the hours at work than with a handful of crystal clear putty that looks like liquid glass? The Liquid Glass Thinking Putty that Vatsells makes for a great desktop toy for those times when you don’t feel like working.

Liquid Glass Thinking Putty is a cooler version of the goop you grew up with: it’s springier, less sticky, bounces and stays crystal clear. Enjoy this bizarre video of a willing test subject taking a dip in a tub full of a clear, clinging putty that doesn’t want to ever let go.