Phantom for snapchat android

Hello I’m and Android user and didn’t know where else to post but is there an android alternative to the jailbreak app phantom for Snapchat? I’ve got an Android as well as an iPhone I was just wondering if there is anything like Phantom for Snapchat on Android? Just showing off the features of phantom on Android.

So after switching from iOS to Androi the one thing I am missing is the Phantom tweak for Snapchat. While jailbreaking is all well and goo giving you access to tons of tweaks, mods and apps to modify your iPhone or iPad with, not everyone wants to do it. Extensify is limited to only being able to modify stock Android app and.

With Phantom, you can publish save-proof, screenshot-proof media to your blog or social networking sites like Twitter! Method: Using Screen Recorders on Non-Jailbroken iPhone and Android Phone. Here’s how you can install and use Phantom on iPhone to save Snapchat . Fortunately, there’s a simple, non-root method on Android devices that will allow you to save both pictures and videos shared through Snapchat . So i was wondering, i have never used android or CyanogenMod. My second question is: is there any snapchat hacks like phantom for . I seriously question how long this will live considering Snapchat goes after and . Find the best new apps for your Android phone or tablet.

Ben Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms is a multiplayer . Hi guys, When I was using an iPhone, I used to have phantom for snapchat, a tweak that granted me some other features for the app like saving . Snapchat is the most popular messaging app among teens and it isn’t so without any reason.

That guy who almost worked for Snapchat. Looking into creating a android version of Phantom. CokePokes Create a Android versión please.

Mashable Snapchat photo leak is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment . Latest tech tips tricks cheats iPhone, androi windows, mac, jailbreak. Phantom for Snapchat is a complete jailbreak tweak by which you can . Snapchat has evolved from being an app with a handful of obvious naughty uses to a social media platform Snapchat score . I was wondering if anyone knew of any hacks for snapchat?