Silicon glen

Silicon Glen is a nickname for the high tech sector of Scotland. It is applied to the Central Belt triangle between Dundee, Inverclyde and Edinburgh, which . Rapporter et annet bildeRapporter det støtende bildet. Silicon Glen – the name given to the mainly central belt electronics manufacturing phenomenon – continues to decline. Information on Scotland and Scottish life from traditions and history to modern life including politics, software and innovation. Silicon Glen was never recorded on any map. It had no precise location, though some areas did lay proud claim to possession: the Central Belt . The rapid rise of so-called ‘Silicon Glen’ saw large-scale investment by multi- national companies, who ploughed money into building factories . Scotland was a major player in the global electronics industry.

Discover what happened to Silicon Glen, Scotland’s answer to Silicon Valley. Job losses among Scotland’s electronics firms are rising, but the higher-tech businesses look less . Silicon Glen – Scotland’s high-tech belt between Glasgow and Edinburgh – employs more people and has a bigger turnover than the whiskey . Formed in Scotland UK 198 we supply a wide range of equipment and services; failure analysis, wafer metrology and . US high technology multinationals and Silicon Glen, Reg. Future growth and investment by high technology industries . The town lies outside the inexact territory of Scotland’s ‘Silicon Glen’ (between Edinburgh and Greenock), but it symbolises the direction in . Listen to the audio pronunciation in English.

Bathgate made national news in 20when Motorola closed a huge factory in the Scottish town, as “Silicon Glen” disintegrated after the . EXAM PRACTICE Silicon Glen Silicon Glen, refers to a high-tech region in Scotland that is growing along a mile strip of Scottish plain that winds from Ayr in . An area in Scotland that has become known for its growing number of high-tech companies. Betydningen av Silicon Glen: Silicon Glen området av høyteknologiske bedrifter i sentrale Skottland. Communications Information) a collective term for the industries in Scotland associated with information technology, esp those concentrated in the central .