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Oversetting av ordet soldering iron mellom engelsk, norsk og spansk.

High performance consumer soldering iron with the latest LED technology. Delivers light to the application while working. A triangular front housing captures the . A soldering iron is a hand tool used in soldering.

It supplies heat to melt solder so that it can. In electronics, desoldering is the removal of solder and components from a circuit board for troubleshooting, repair, replacement, and salvage. See a rich collection of stock images, vectors, or photos for, soldering iron, you can buy on Shutterstock.

Explore quality images, photos, art more. Mer informasjon på Engelsk: Cordless soldering iron. Set contains: WHS M or WHS MC soldering station with 40W micro soldering pencil; Safety rest; 1. Netherlands: Nederlands Normalisatie-Instituut Afd Verkoop en Informatie Kalfjeslaan 26GB Delft Norway: Norsk Elektroteknisk Komite Postboks 280 . Attach the soldering head with suitable soldering tip or the heat gun nozzle onto.

Any of various fusible alloys, usually tin and lea used to join metallic parts.