Stc 1000 wiring diagram

Step by step video about how I wired the STC-10temperature controller for. The inexpensive, tried and true, STC-10temperature controller is the. Here’s a wiring diagram to show what needs to be done.

Excellent just received my STC 10in the post less than an hour ago. STC-10Digital temperature controller with sensor (110v): This can be. STC-10Wiring Diagram – Homemade Temperature Control Homebrewing. How to wire an STC-10temperature controller. Growing tired of swamp cooling for fermentation temperature control I’ve decided it’s time to invest in the widely . It made me buy an STC10AND a fridge \n\nAh well, the whole lot only cost.

The STC-10works exactly the same on a freezer as it does on a fridge.

First of all, here’s a cleaned up wiring diagram I made earlier:\n . STC 10($), enclosure (click-storage container $Coles), point termi. Fit cable glands slide cord through, attach wires to terminal block:. DIY this, especially if you are unsure about the circuit diagram. I received my STC-10today, On wiring it up I notice there’s no earth for it just a simple. STC-10Temp controller wiring General Beer Brewing Equipment.

I started looking at the STC-100 which I heard of by watching.

If you look at the wiring diagram on the top of the STC-100 you will see that . Make a note of which outlet you wire for heating and cooling. I have one of the Elitech STC-10temp controllers, and I know how to wire it for hot and. Here is the wiring schematic for an STC 100 with thanks to lambert.

This diagram shows the wiring for both heating and cooling, I only wired . The STC-10is a very popular homebrewing temperature controller. The top of the controller displays a wiring diagram.