There was there were

There were many things to do and see at the amusement park. In this sentence, there is used with the plural count noun, things. As I have pointed out before, if a sentence begins with THERE, the subject comes after the verb. We use there as a dummy subject with part of the verb be followed by a noun phrase. There were a lot of people shouting and waving. There was – there were – free grammar exercises.

There was lightning and thunder last night,’ or ‘there were lightning and thunder. Which is correct: there were no problems overnight, or there was no problem over night? There was, there were, there is, there are, expresiones con there is, ejercicios interactivos con solución, ejemplos, actividades interactivas resueltas.

I used the sentence there was only channels on tele (reminiscing about the good old days before digital TV!), but I wasn’t sure if I was right, . Shouldn’t it be what if there were a Stack Overflow on…. Prescriptively, you’re correct, this should be were since this is being expressed with . There was there were Ingles 1º ESO Academia Usero Estepona. Complete the sentences using was or were.