Usb c kabel apple tv

The USB-C cable offers the only way for the new Apple TV to interface with a computer. My new Apple TV has messed up and it says I need a cord to restore it. A USB-C cable for Apple TV (4th generation) or a .

En datamaskin med iTunes; En høyhastighets Internett-forbindelse; En USB-C-kabel for Apple TV (4. generasjon) eller en Micro-USB-kabel for . Koble MacBook til eksterne HDMI-skjermenheter som en TV, projektor eller skjerm. Med en USB-C-til-USB-adapter kan du koble iOS-enheter og tilbehør med. Du kan også koble til en USB-kabel for å synkronisere og lade iPhone, iPad eller . But I still can’t see the AppleTV Dev Kit inbut just connecting the USB-C cable and starting up iTunes . To record the Apple TV screen ( 2015) you need an USB-C cable and a Mac.

The new Apple TV is physically a little larger, but it’s packed with tons of. Apple’s website says a Lightning to USB Cable is included with the . The new Apple TV looks largely the same as its predecessors, but its ports around back have been revise removing optical audio output, and .