A vinometer is a small glass instrument that measures the percentage alcohol in wine or beer. Home brew wine alcohol meter (vinometer) – how to use it, when to trust it and when not to use it (then use a hydrometer instead).

Vinometeret er et morsomt lite instrument som gir en meget bra indikasjon på alkoholinnholdet på den ferdige vinen. This Vinometer measures the alcohol content from to in DRY (not sweet) wines. To be used after the fermentation process has completed.

En såkalt vinprovare (vinprøver), eller også kalt vinometer på norsk vil ikke. But there is one mayor restriction: A vinometer can only produce accurate in a dry wine (containing little or no residual sugar).

A vinometer is a piece apparatus that consist of an open, graduated glass tube with a . A precision glass instrument used for testing the percentage of alcohol in a.