Zowie ec2a vs ec1a

The EC1-A and the EC2-A, both similar mice but have some differences. Yo guys, don’t know if I should get the EC1-A or EC2-A Version. My hands are about 19-20cm long (from top middlefinger on) and I play with .

Zowie EC2-A or Razer Deathadder Chromainnlegg18. Bilder av zowie ec2-a vs ec1-aRapporter bilderTakk for tilbakemeldingen. Rapporter et annet bildeRapporter det støtende bildet. Steelseries kana i-cafe vs Deathadder infrared. I have been using a SteelSeries Kinzu vfor a year. It was perfectly fine for me, just a bit small.

Hi all, I’m looking to get either the Zowie EC1-A or the EC2-A as my next mouse.

Currently, I have a Lotgitech G502; I like the sensor, but it. Coming from a Logitech M7which fit me pretty well, I’m trying to decide between the ECor the EC2. I picked up an FKinitially since my old . I have an 18CM hand with a hybrid grip and prefer the EC1-a to the 2a. Deathstalker123093BenQ Zowie EC2-A pointspointspoints 11 . My hands are around 21cm and I had both the EC1-a and EC2-a and kept the EC2-a. Okay, I think I’ll go for the EC2-A because my hands aren’t large, sort of.

Zowie ec2-a Forum; Zowie EC1-A vs Microsoft Intellimouse 3. Not currently subscribe Subscribe no notifications, Subscribe notify when quote Subscribe notify new posts. This product is an answer to every gamer that was looking for. The new EC1-A and EC2-A series keeps the same shape and size from the original EC series and introduces the Avago 33sensor just like . Ergonomic design exclusively for right-handed users. It offers users a bigger room for wrist movements. The shape of the right side of mouse is well . Upcoming Events ESEA SW5: froyotech vs. I have the ECand its coating already feels great.

I have seen reports on esr and overclock. I have the Zowie EC2-A and I love the new coating of the mouse. The things I know are the main difference between EC vs FK is the EC is . Vi tester Zowie sin nyeste gamingmus, EC2-A. Musa ble i januar lansert sammen med EC1-A, som er i utgangspunktet den samme musa bare . Conclusion: I am a long time user of the Deathadder, but this mouse blew me away in terms of its comfort and useability. I found a secret (24) by Jamerio; CPM -VS- RFLX (33) by He4rTL3sS.

I would do it, but Zowie EC1-A aren’t available in Australia yet. I’ve wanted to get ECeVo for a long time for primarly it’s shape and . Zowie EC1-A is extremely comfortable, ergonomic mouse which is build for right-handed users only.