Tibber energy

You deserve that your home consumes as little energy as possible. That you are in control, not the energy company. Tibber is the app that learns to buy, save and control electricity for your home.

Stuff that is super cool and saves you money and energy. Tibber is the digital butler that becomes your energy company and advisor. It learns how to save energy and lets you control your home from your mobile. Edgeir is the CEO and co-founder of Tibber.

He came from the position as EVP Business Development in Enoro Group, a leading provider of smart energy . Tibber is a energy consumer service for house owners. It works as an intelligent assistant that can buy, control and save energy.

Tibber is a startup within the energy sector. Compared to the big energy companies, Tibber saves you energy and money via smart technology and software that . Tibber, the first energy service in the world designed for people who love their homes, is a Scandinavian-built app that allows users to buy, save and control .