Adafruit raspberry pi

Adafruit’s goal to help the world learn share electronics and computer programming continues with our new line of products made just for the Raspberry Pi. Is this not the cutest little display for the Raspberry Pi? Which Raspberry Pi should you choose for your project?

Didn’t think the Raspberry Pi could get any better? The Raspberry Pi Model B is out and it’s amazing! When you buy a Raspberry Pi, it may or may not be sold with an SD card.

The SD card is important because this is where the Raspberry Pi . Did you really think the Raspberry Pi would stop getting better? At this point, we sound like a broken recor extolling on the new Pi’s myriad improvements like . How to use the Adafruit Pi Finder to connect to your Raspberry Pi on your network.

Take your Pi on the go with an adorable handheld palmtop computer. This battery powered Raspberry Pi has a 3. TFT display, mini speaker, and keyboard . If you have ever tried to connect to your headless Raspberry Pi over a network via SSH, you know that it can be hard to find the IP address.