Certificate of conformity template

There are different names for this certificate but most of the time it is referred to as the certificate of compliance or the document that shows . Manufacturers and importers of certain general use products (i.e., non-children’s products) for which consumer product safety rules apply, must certify, in a . SAMPLE GENERAL CERTIFICATION OF CONFORMITY.

Identification of the product covered by this certificate: 2. Standards and regulations applicable to Children’s product must also be submitted on the appropriate separate Children’s Product Certificate form as required . It is permissible to have this Certificate of Conformance cover multiple line items as. A certificate of conformance, Cubic Defense Systems Form CF 6-1or . Certificate of Conformity including Traceability – Part I. Supplier (Include Name, Address, Email etc.): 3. COMPANY NAME: STREET ADDRESS: CITY: STATE: ZIP CODE: PURCHASE .

Reference number of the certificate of notified body .