Eton college price

The average boarding school education now costs £46800 up from. Eton College: The fees are currently just under £30a year, and the cost of the next academic year is expected to be announced in the .

Our identity Eton College provides a full boarding education for about 13boys. Gå til Charitable status and fees – Until December 201 Eton College was an exempt charity under English law (Charities Act 199 Schedule 2). This included Cheltenham Ladies’ College, Malvern St James, Tonbridge School, Eton College, Winchester College, Sevenoaks School and . After various ups and downs, Eton College’s prestige has risen to. With the fees at £24per year, the school is necessarily for the sons of .

I was struggling working out how one would manage £4k a term for a great public school, but £30k a year , I have been living in a cheapo fee . No doubt the old boys of Eton College — it accepts no girls, alas — will have.