Greenline 48

The latest and best from the Greenline range is the next green innovation that complements the current range of Greenline and while . And even then I would like to to see how hybrid it really is. I think they have proven to themselves that hybrid. Greenline’s Hybrid technology goes past the ability of nautical miles of propulsion. It supplies and stores free, sustainable solar power to be used at any time. Greenline er synonymt med miljøbåt, og deres 33-foter har fått mye.

NYHET: Greenline lanseres som et miljøvennlig alternativ, men . GreenLine Hybrid motor yacht for sale from Sunbir Greenline dealer, specifications and images. A cruise aboard the Greenline proves that hybrid technology is here to stay. With its auxiliary battery propulsion, how does the Greenline Hybrid perform on the water?

De nieuwe Greenline is de schakel tussen de Greenline en en de veel geprezen OceanClass range (5 en 88) met veel noviteiten zowel qua . The new Greenline Hybrid is an absolute pleasure to own.