Hardness conversion calculator

HV: Vickers Hardness, HB: Brinell Hardness mm C-ball 30kgf, HK: Knoop Hardness 5gf and over, HRA: . Brinell Hardness HB, Rockwell C – HRC, Rockwell B – HRB, Vickers – HV. Enter a figure into any of the fields and click . Approximate equivalent hardness numbers for carbon and alloy steels . Enter value, select the conversion and click on calculate. Above conversions are for Austenitic Stainless Steels and formulas as per . Brinell Hardness to Rockwell Hardness Conversion Table. Rockwell Superficial – Brinell – Vickers – Shore Hardness Conversion.

Vickers hardness number conversion to MPa and GPa. Lenntech BV cannot be held responsible for errors in the calculation, the program itself or the explanation. Online Conversion Calculator used to convert between Metric Standard units of Measurement, Weight, Temperature Force. The calculator curve-fits multiple hardness data onto a common polynomial basis and then performs an analytic conversion.

Online conversion of the hardness of water into a number of. Click on any empty space in the window or on the calculate button. Hardness Converter performs conversion between different scales of surface . If you want to convert a hardness value in one unit to the equivalent value in another unit, enter the Value to be converte select the Given units and the . Complete Guide to Hardness With Conversion Charts and Calculator.

Hardness is a measure of how well a solid material resists . Introducing the hardness conversion formula and table for Rockwell Hardness (HRC, HRB) to Brinell Hardness (HB or BHN) by Dandong Foundry in China. CONVERSION CHART OF VICKERS HARDNESS (HV) TO ROCKWELL C (HRC). Steel hardness conversion table contains conversion factors for Rockwell, Vickers Brinell. As a guide we show the theoretical conversion comparison of .