Harrow school

Harrow is one of Britain’s leading independent schools, one of a very few schools still specialising in providing a high quality boarding school education for boys. Harrow_SchoolBufretLignendeLyons bestemte at Harrow skulle være kun for gutter, en tradisjon man fremdeles holder på. Kategori:Harrow School – bilder, video eller lyd på media .

There is some evidence that there has been a school on the site . Rapporter et annet bildeRapporter det støtende bildet. The School Harrow is an all-boys full-boarding school, founded in 15under a royal charter granted by Elizabeth I. Originally, Harrow School was just one room — the Fourth Form Room. Four classes went on in the four corners of the room simultaneously.

Harrow School has a select range of exclusive and historic venues to suit your event. Click the below for more information and details of how to book.

Visit the Fourth Form Room, Old Speech Art Room Gallery, Speech Room, Museum of Harrow Life and Vaughan Library. Harrow School is the most famous of our top quality centres. It has been home to a long list of celebrity graduates including politicians, actors and . Winnipeg School Division shared Manitoba Aerospace’s post.