Micro usb pinout

The USB-C to Micro-B cable lets you connect your devices faster than ever. Reversible connector with a 10Gbps transfer rate and 3A charging output.

USB-kontakten for datamaskinen er av Easy-USB-typen slik at den passer på begge veier. Denne kvalitetskabelen brukes til å koble sammen din Mac med en kompatibel USB-skriver, eller annet USB-tilkoblet utstyr med USB B-tilkobling. Skriverkabel tilpasset tilkobling av skrivere, skannere osv. Pinout of Nokia,Samsung,HTC,Blackberry micro-usb pinoutstandard micro-usb cable.

Pinout of Micro-USB charger cableshould charge most phones and other devices equipped with micro-USB connector.

USB reduces the time required for data transmission, reduces power . Your USB charged devices can be attacked through the USB port while charging. USB cable which has a micro USB plug at one end and a micro USB . The Micro Universal Serial Bus (USB) type B, also known as Micro USB B, and Micro-B, is an interface connector for the purposes of connecting cellular mobile . Therefore in January 20the micro USB connector was announced which could be easier integrated in thin devices than the mini USB version. The easiest way to connect computer peripherals is through a Universal Serial Bus. The USB is a plug-and-play interface between the PC and the peripherals. The case of the micro USB OTG cables is also similar.

Given above is the pin-out diagram for the micro and mini USB connector.