Need for speed movie cars

Take a look at all the sleek high-performance European cars and the sexy American muscles cars appearing in the ‘Need for Speed’ movie. That’s right, Need for Spee the movie based on the long-loved video. Click forward to see just which cars are the real deal, which ones will .

When the Need for Speed adaptation comes to the big screen in March it will be filled with a lot of fast cars ranging from Lamborghinis to a . This film show that these cars can outrun the American police cars. Then Need for Speed is the movie you need to go see. Coming out in March 201 the story is about a . Need for Speed is a 20American action film directed by Scott Waugh, written by George.

Marshall Motors at Mount Kisco, New York where he and his friends tune performance cars. Rai Cinema had released it in Italy through its movie label Distribution.

Have you ever contemplated what it takes to capture a high-speed chase. Though the opening scenes had yet to be shot, the cars would need to look . In “Need for Speed” the stars of the movie are the cars themselves, so it was important that the filmmakers found cars that would deliver the right .