Powerbox battery 2800

The PowerBox Battery System is available with capacities of 15mAh, 28mAh, 32mAh and 40mAh, and has been developed specifically for use as . Modern battery system with integral charge system, balancer, low-voltage . Das PowerBox Battery System mit Akkukapazitäten von 1500mAh, 2800mAh, 3200mAh und 4000mAh wurde speziell für den Einsatz als Empfänger und .

PowerBox Battery 280 with special high-performance Lithium batteries for RC applications. Technical Data Battery type LiPo Capacity 2800mAh Nominal voltage 7. The PowerBox Battery System, offering battery capacities of 15mAh, 28mAh and 40mAh, is yet another in-house development, designed specifically . PowerBox Systems presents this new, revolutionary and ground-breaking form of Lithium-Polymer battery for your receiver power supply, complete with battery . Montagerahmen – 28by PowerBox from 118. Key Features LiPo charger matched to the batteries in use.

Battery System is available with capacities of 15mAh, 2800.

Richo from Desert Aircraft Australia shows the range of batteries available from PowerBox for your Giant. We are delighted that you have decided to purchase a modern PowerBox Battery from our range. PowerBox Battery 28Jede PowerBox Battery wird schon von der Konstruktion her mit den heute besten Materialen sowie modernsten LiPo Zellen entwickelt. Extern-LE 3-Color with Mounts, for PowerBox Battery 2800.

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