Usb c hub

USB-C is slowly becoming the new USB standar but what exactly is it? We give you all the information you need to know about USB-C, and . Hub+ solves the single USB-C port issue for the new Apple MacBook inch.

It gets your ports back and charges your phone on the go. Expand the ports on your MacBook to your new and existing peripherals with this compact, travel-friendly hub, with two USB-C and two . Put the new port to good use with the best USB-C accessories money can buy. Apple shook things up with a single USB-C port on the latest MacBook. MacBook docks have started to arrive a year after Apple introduced its single-port USB-C–based ultra-portable MacBook, and the Satechi . Turns single USB Type-C port into x USB 3. S micro SD another USB Type-C port that supports pass through charging .

USB-C hubs, much like USB-C chargers, are a total crapshoot, as anyone who owns a MacBook will tell you. So if you’re using a USB-C device, here are some gadgets to help you use it. Satechi Type-C Pass Through USB Hub with USB-C Charging Port (Silver).

The self-proclaimed most advanced USB-C hub is an attractive option. There are two basic options to choose froHDMI that offers up to 4K . This dongle splits the MacBook’s USB-C port into a USB-C passthrough for power, as well as an.

USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter lets you connect your MacBook to a HDMI display, standard USB device, and charging cable. Learn about and buy the Belkin USB-C Port Mini Port Expansion Hub. Connect all your peripherals to your new USB-C device with one compact hub.

Apple’s 12-inch MacBook has one measly USB Type-C port, but this hub can make it much more useful. If you absolutely need a VGA port and Ethernet, this Dell USB-C hub ($6on Amazon) has them both, plus an HDMI port and a USB 3. The OWC USB-C Dock is the complete connectivity solution for MacBook 20and later. Power your MacBook, connect drives, and more with just one cable. The Plugable USBC-HUB3P Aluminum USB-C 3-Port Hub with Pass-Through Charging allows up to three standard USB-A 3.